Hemp – its benefits, the story and why it’s for you.

“Australia has one of the Premium growing climates in the world”.
“Hemp is a viable, sustainable alternative to current rotational crops”

An Australian Story

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Premium Hemp Australia is an Australian owned and operated company. We are focused on providing the highest quality products, by controlling the environment in which it’s grown, and assisting farmers to expand and profit from Industrial Hemp. All our food products are made from our own grown Australian Hemp. This is the only way we can ensure a quality product and provide our customers with products they can trust.

We offer assistance in all aspects of Hemp farming including, ongoing technical data on plant breeding and variety trials to keep up with strains of hemp to grow in different climates. Helping to assure your success in growing a highly profitable crop. 

Our scientists continue to work on ensuring we are ahead of the breeding spectrum.

Industrial hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop, and is therefore the ideal carbon sink. It can replace paper, fuel, building material and is a valuable source of nutrition.

So, this may be a plant that can contribute in saving the world. This is by no means something we can do by ourselves but as our industry increases and we all work towards a common goal, it certainly can be improved. Premium Hemp Australia is committed to sustainable agriculture in farming and looking after the land for future generations.

“I never realised how truly powerful the hemp plant is. Boasting environmental benefits and fantastic nutritional value, the health benefits offered by this plant are both incredible and numerous. From this point on, we will do everything to ensure its positive promotion and part in healing the world.”


Why Hemp is the future

There is a lot of hype around hemp and its potential healing properties. It’s a sad fact that the plant has been under prohibition for some time, and because of this, there hasn’t been access to it, and therefore people haven’t been able to benefit from its healing properties. Some of the plant’s substances are still considered illegal like CBD and THC (THC is the psychoactive component). However, with changes around the legalization of cannabis happening globally, we are seeing a greater acceptance of a plant that has been demonized because of it’s relationship to Marijuana. Unlike Marijuana, Hemp does not contain High amounts of the psychoactive THC (under 1%) and Hemp will certainly not get you stoned, if you do decide to smoke it.

The potential health benefits associated with Hemp seeds and CBD oil range from – Pain & Inflammation, Anxiety & Depression, Cancer, Nausea & Vomiting, Epilepsy & Seizures and Diabetes. The nutrients offered from the seeds are Unsaturated fats, Protein, Fiber, various vitamins & Minerals –


Our Story and Looking To The Future

A group of Hemp enthusiasts, business professionals, scientists and farmers got together to build a company that offers alternatives to what’s currently available in health care, nutritional benefits, renewable resources and building materials. Welcome to our world of Hemp!

However, there are still challenges ahead of us as Hemp is a plant that has been under scrutiny for some time. Unfortunately, it has been a long process for the approval and government acceptance of Hemp. Although there is a lot of encouragement for it’s future, there are still corporations that want to keep it suppressed, and certain elements of the plant are still considered illegal. Our team is passionate about pushing towards the future of a regulation free Hemp Australia and helping every part of the plant become available to the general public, without prescription.

We continue to work on advancements towards new sustainable products and materials to improve lives. For more information on our current projects feel free to contact us at info@premiumhempaustralia.com


Gav Kay

Gavin Kay

I represent the 6th generation of my family working on country in Australia, Early years on grazing and cropping properties in WA showed the brittle nature of our land with ill-suited management practices driving marginalization of vast areas. My awe at the efficacy and profligacy of natural systems told me that we would be better served with nature as an ally rather than antagonist, My career in regenerative systems began some 25 years ago, completing a Certificate of Aquaculture. Since then I have worked in both agriculture and aquaculture R&D as well as commercial production, completed a degree in Environmental and Marine Science with an honors project investigating halophytic grasses in constructed wetlands for the treatment of inland saline aquaculture waste water. My instincts took me to Far North Qld where I spent 9 years with Terrain NRM managing numerous projects including incubating innovation in agriculture in a changing climate. I have most recently been working as the director of Dark Green – Agricultural and Environmental Systems consultants.
I am driven to be part of the solution. We can do better, our systems can regenerate given the chance. I want to be part of a team that proves it.



Premium Hemp Australia team


Wade Sutton

Wade is an experienced Founding Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the fashion apparel, footwear, and accessory industries. Skilled in Sales, Management, SAAS, Product development, Product Sourcing, Business Innovation, and Marketing. With over 25 years of experience in building and leading high-performing sales teams to achieve aggressive business goals. Wade’s experience in distribution has provided PHA with a strategy to build a global platform for the sale of Premium Hemp Australian products. 

Wade has a spent the last 3 years working in and researching the Industrial Hemp Industry, creating a platform for Australian hemp expansion on a global level. He is excited with the opportunity hemp offers to improve our health and the environment.



Quenton Leach



As a tribute to our friend and business partner, Quenton will always be remembered for his kind nature, great ideas, hard work and passion for the Hemp industry. His legacy will continue with all he has brought to our company, and his family will continue to play a part in our growth. He will be missed greatly but will not be forgotten. From all of us and all the friends he has made around the world.